Customer Respons and Issue Management Software


Customer Respons and Issue Management Software

iResponz – These days, an organization success is extremely dependent on the effectiveness of its’ Customer Service.
Our society is getting more knowledgeable and aware of their rights as a customer. Augmentation trend of unsatisfied customer complaints and reports have been observed. The question is, are we willing to let this additional burden to be left unattended and/or out of control that can and will jeopardize our organization well being?
As an organization that strives towards excellence, what is our response towards this issue? We need to devise and implement proactive actions to utilize our weaknesses as perceived by our valued customer into a guide towards our success.
iResponz is an integrated customer complaints and reporting management system, which manages customer complaints systematically. With this system, corrective action can be triggered timely and reports can be generated swiftly. iResponz was developed with up-to-date technology, tailored to assist in solving issues related to gathering, processing, circulating and solving complaints via paperless electronic systems. iResponz guarantee a systematic and professional Customer Complaints Management System.

6 High Technology Features

  • User friendly

    Navigation screen was designed to assist system usage without hassle. All system functions are clearly located and can be easily reached.
  • Web Based

    Extensive and up-to-date ICT utilization such as Intranet and/or Internet as well as Web and Multimedia. Developed using web technology, iResponz can be accessed via various types of computers through web browser.
  • Easily Integrated

    iResponz can be integrated with Short Messaging Services (SMS) system and Contact Centre.
  • Customizable and Upgradeable

    These systems functions are customizable and upgradeable to suit your changing objectives and future needs.
  • System Capability

    iResponz designed to suit all organization sizes and types; from small to large, local to global.
  • Unlimited License

    Unlimited number of users can access the system in any time