XSpec™ Intelligence Sdn Bhd

XSPec™ Intelligence was founded by a group of experienced Information Technology professionals with extensive backgrounds and qualifications. The company’s key personnel makes upon accumulated experience of more than 100 man years in various disciplines of Information Technology and Management.
XSPec™ Intelligence has also been set up with a specific business purpose. The main focus of the company is to provide state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure solutions to the educational and services sector.
We understand the challenges today, arising from the convergence of the computing and communications industries, is leading to an era of new technologies, which showcases major impact on education, businesses and society.
Following these challenges and in line with the Multimedia Super Corridor initiatives led by Malaysian Government, XSpec™ Intelligence puts their utmost effort and energy to create, develop and implement all related technologies of ICT, specifically for the educational sector.
In collaboration with our business partners, we aim to provide high-technology solutions to our preferred customers. Developing our experience and abilities, we are aiming to get the MSC status and to become a key player in the ICT software development and infrastructure solution provider sectors.